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Sat Sep 15, 2018 2:30pm

Nice header from Horan.
Still not sure Heath was offsides. If she was it was by 1".

    • Heck of a game!Poppet, Sun Sep 16 7:00am
      I don't think Heath was offside. I couldn't tell at the stadium (my seat's closer to the other end), and se looked onside by a mile on the replay. However, it appears Horan may have had a touch on... more
      • Have fun at the Red Stars match.PureStevil, Tue Sep 18 11:00am
        Lot's of great talent on that squad as well. Sam Kerr, so good. I was really happy that I finally made it out to a Thorns match this year (back in June). Very impressive. Gives me hope for what the... more
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