ZERO rain in California. Yet jet stream flows over state.
Mon Nov 5, 2018 3:57am

The weather terrorists continue to spray dessicants over the moisture field yet again to prevent cohesion and lift of the huge moisture field moving from the Pacific Ocean over California. This is the pattern so far this monsoon season that usually begins in late September and October. The aerosols and EMF weather machines such as NEXRAD and SBX-1 are I full deployment to continue to dry out and destroy California. No rain anywhere here. Yet this same moisture field rains buckets all over the nation once it crosses the eastern California border. This pattern is observable on weather satellite images not shown on the MSM fake cartoon weather put out on the TV by weather liars. I follow these patterns closely every day. I know how utterly obvious is the manipulations. The heavy heavy aerosol spraying in my area has slowed down and moved to offshore due to the many complaints finally forcing a deeper coverup by relocating. But the bizarre grunge still floats overhead from west to east. And jets still spray directly above here, just not as intense as years past. The dessicant crap (grunge and smear-clouds) is still permeating the atmosphere and discombobulating the former organized wet weather systems. Idiot Governor Brown has recently stated California is in for a ten year drought. Who told him that? Is he stupid? YES!! We have been in a drought for quite some time. And we are in a drought now. Ten more years and there will be no California. Everything on my property, and surroundings, is already half dead. I have a huge pine dying from the top down next to my cabin. All my fir and pine trees are stressed and dying. It's a damned deliberate man-made castrophe, deliberate and via the worst kind of human perfidy. This morning it's still dark out. I sit here listening to strong gusts of wind knowing one spark could set off a holocaust. This is man-made weather terrorism. Just ask those who suffered entire towns and neighborhoods burnt up last year. I think 1PacificRedwoid paints the picture accurately about what we here in California are up against....Luciferians who are determined to weaken this nation by destroying California's economy.


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    • Zero rain to justify arrest on leaf burningkat sung, Mon Nov 5 4:29pm
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    • CorrectedLINK, Mon Nov 5 4:08am
      https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0bwuLHC-q8y And a bonus: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RWNsRZ0LeZE
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