kat sung
Zero rain to justify arrest on leaf burning
Mon Nov 5, 2018 4:29pm

The information proves how the Feds frame case by manipulating the weather.

1038. Planting drug trace in yard trash (9/9/2018)

Because the Feds (FBI, DEA)try to frame me in drug case, I had to take basin bath and avoiding trash garbage. I used to burn the yard trash.

This summer several wildfires the largest in California history burned the state for nearly two months.

[quote]Largest California Wildfire Won't Be Contained Until September, Officials Say
August 8,

Cal Fire pushed back its estimate for containment by two weeks for the massive blaze, which is made up of the adjacent River and Ranch fires. Officials had previously anticipated full containment by Aug. 15, but now say it will be Sept. 1.


I have a feeling such a long lasting wildfires were the work of the Feds. The purpose is to find a reason to stop me from burning withered leaves.

On August 30, when the fire were reported contained, I burned some withered grass. Two days later-Labor Day, I heard some noise at front yard. It was my neighbor - Mr.Wu. I rarely saw him, perhaps once a year. He was trimming plant in his flower bed. There was not much trash, but he made a noise. he put the yard trash on street. I think the Feds called him here to do a guide work. They hope me to do same thing instead of burning the trash. I didn't follow.

Then New California wildfires Prompts Mandatory Evacuations. Will they keep the fire continue to burn till the end of September?

[quote]Wildfire that closed key California highway explodes in size
Saturday, September 8, 2018[/quote]

I think the Feds is framing a case of "finding drug trace in yard trash" on me.

  • ZERO rain in California. Yet jet stream flows over state.G💨🌨✈️G, Mon Nov 5 3:57am
    The weather terrorists continue to spray dessicants over the moisture field yet again to prevent cohesion and lift of the huge moisture field moving from the Pacific Ocean over California. This is... more
    • Zero rain to justify arrest on leaf burning — kat sung, Mon Nov 5 4:29pm
    • First video Will not link, Mon Nov 5 4:19am
      I do not know why. It's 1PacificRedwood's latest video dated 11/4/18. If you are curious then search: 1PacificRedwood videos. It's there and it works. I cannot get to function here on this bbs nor at ... more
    • CorrectedLINK, Mon Nov 5 4:08am
      https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0bwuLHC-q8y And a bonus: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RWNsRZ0LeZE
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