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Mondo Fuego
Poppet , a preview of your life in Japan ;^}
Mon Nov 5, 2018 5:50pm

Watch this video starting at 6:00.


    • Ha!Poppet, Mon Nov 5 6:43pm
      I've encountered (from a bit of a remove) some serious rush hour conditions at Shinjuku Station (the busiest train station in the world: 3.5 million passengers... per day ). I would hate to be part... more
      • You are going to need it. DFM
        • Tokyo can be expensive, yes.Poppet, Wed Nov 7 12:55pm
          I'm looking at not just some business investments, but at buying a nice place...and real estate can be spendy there. Of course, if you're looking at US-sized houses and lots, it's insanely expensive... more
          • I read the following story.DFM, Wed Nov 7 2:56pm
            Bank of America decided to set up shop in Japan after WW2. They decided that they needed a country place to entertain clients, etc, so they bought on of the VERY FEW mansions that were left intact by ... more
      • In the meantime ...Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Nov 6 5:11am
        ... we could do a pub or two in Portland or The Dalles. We are like Johnny Cash … Been Everywhere, Man … but Oregon, Austin and San Antonio. Being that our business is as portable as a laptop, we... more
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