NASA lies about MARS!
Tue Nov 6, 2018 10:14am

It's peculiar that Mars is known as the God of War. Where did that come from? Yet, that is precisely what Mars looks like, a civilization wiped out by war. Certainly a castrophe of some kind obliterated what seems to have been a civilization there a long time ago. That catastrophe is likely why Mars has lost its atmosphere and its oceans. Don't be fooled by NASA and the club of liars who manipulate images to cover up what is still comes through many of their photoshopped bullshite. They take taxpayer monies, and then operate two sets of "books." One is for us brainwashed plebians and the overly sandboxed educated snits. The other is for a small select group within the space-science community, including the Pentagon elite. What you observe in this video ought to have any sane sound supple mind questionning the stream of NASA Mars photo-bullshite, including their moon images.


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