ooh I could do that with turkey
Tue Nov 6, 2018 12:32pm

and butter - then have apple stuffing yum

  • I haven't tried it with cider...Sprout, Mon Nov 5 6:16am
    But I do poach (translation boil the crap out of) chicken in apple juice with nutmeg and cinnamon. As a guy raised in upstate New York but living in the south, one thing I really do miss is GOOD... more
    • ooh I could do that with turkey — trish, Tue Nov 6 12:32pm
      • that's an interesting idea...Sprout, Tue Nov 6 1:33pm
        Boil the turkey in cider using a turkey fryer in the backyard... Sounds like it would taste great without the same risk of burning down the house :) Apple stuffing? Never heard of it... must google.... more
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