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OT: for car people
Thu Nov 8, 2018 11:22am

Track mode now available for Model 3 Performance Edition. Looks like a lot of tire eating fun.

For as little as $64k (-$7,500 if delivered before Jan 1).
[72k with different paint, seats, and autopilot]

      • Agree Completely.PureStevil, Thu Nov 8 3:50pm
        The performance edition of this car is something for people with a very healthy net worth. I only bought the AWD version (non performance) and it was still more than I would normally consider paying... more
        • Do you know how many miles it will last?Ken C, Thu Nov 8 4:10pm
          The big electric motors are obviously simpler and probably more durable than a gas engine. Battery has 8 year warranty. Does it have more sensors and complicated electronic stuff than other cars?
            • No, no it will not.PureStevil, Fri Nov 9 5:36pm
              The price of batteries is still coming down at a decent pace. If the car is still worth putting a new battery in about 15-20 years from now the battery will be much more affordable.
          • Should be a long time.PureStevil, Thu Nov 8 4:24pm
            The powertrain (battery/motor) on mine has an 8 year 120K warranty. Rest of the car is 4 years. They just finished a test on some of the drive motors, where they used data from how Tesla owners drive ... more
      • Yeah, they're not cheap cheapPureStevil, Thu Nov 8 4:08pm
        Just cheap compared to cars that perform at that level. Would definitely recommend people pay off all their debt and save about 25x their annual spend before buying a car like this.
    • The part that makes me laugh...Sprout, Thu Nov 8 11:41am
      "for as little as 65K" Plus the extra money for the upgrades...
      • Reading is fundamental. Work on it. Your Teacher, Thu Nov 8 1:03pm
        Reading is fundamental. Work on it.
      • Don't need them.PureStevil, Thu Nov 8 12:06pm
        $64k is the entry point for all you need to get the Track Mode. the options beyond that are getting a different paint color, different interior color, and autopilot software option. none of them... more
        • Depends....Sprout, Thu Nov 8 1:25pm
          Spend 35K on a domestic sports car, and then add 30K of track oriented performance upgrades... When talking about taking a car and modifying it for track performance, which is what Tesla did, it... more
          • I'm not sure you're aware when you talk about the modifications Tesla made to this car, what the extent of those mods where. From the tone of your post it seems you think they were more significant... more
          • Aftermarket upgrades....KR, Thu Nov 8 3:57pm
            ...not factory. This is a factory option. The Ford GT350 is still slower than the base model Tesla Model 3. Plus muscle cars handle like crap.
            • Think about things like Roush Mustangs. If we only want to limit it to show cars like the GT-350, we end up picking vehicles where there is a HUGE price premium based on the "wow" factor. I'm simply... more
              • $70k to spend for the fastest track toy?Poppet, Fri Nov 9 10:37am
                Why, a used D or C sports racer like a Stohr or suchlike and a pickup and trailer to get it to the track. Forty grand or less worth of superbike-powered sports racer that will absolutely eviscerate... more
                • I was presuming one wished to remainSprout, Fri Nov 9 11:29am
                  street legal in the interest of keeping the comparison somewhat apples-to-apples with another street legal vehicle. If I had 70K to spend on something that I could drive to the track, play for a... more
                  • Oh, I figured...just messing around!Poppet, Fri Nov 9 4:19pm
                    Most drivers would want to spend a fair amount of track time in a road car before trying to ump into something like a Stohr, anyway. "Momentum cars" with insane downforce are something you work up... more
              • It's not the fastest.PureStevil, Fri Nov 9 8:23am
                They're definitely limiting the scope of what they are comparing to to a degree, but it's a generous and absolutely more than fair cherry pick. If they live up to their ambitions, it's the roadster... more
                • I'm just reminding folks to compareSprout, Fri Nov 9 8:34am
                  apples to apples... I certainly recognize that it is a legitimate marketing tool to carefully pick the products and characteristic of that your product line excels in when doing marketing... more
            • Off the top of my head...Sprout, Fri Nov 9 5:19am
              Take a basic V-8 Mustang or Camaro, which can be had in the 30K price range. Then add another 30K of performance upgrades. That puts the owner in at equal to or less than the cost of that particular... more
              • Okay, cool...Poppet, Fri Nov 9 10:33am
                The Camaro 1SS is the least expensive V8 model, as far as I can tell, and i's $37K (great performance-to-cost ratio, given its stock 455bhp and decent handling). I have no doubt you could make it a... more
                • It's been a while since I shopped cars...Sprout, Fri Nov 9 11:37am
                  About 6years ago I test drove a BMW 330i with some factory performance upgrades. The dealer wanted about 40k for the car. I imagine with another 20K to spend, that car could have been a SCREAMER and... more
            • Is the Sense8 survey from Netflix for real?PureStevil, Thu Nov 8 4:27pm
              Saw something on reddit in the last couple hours saying the SciFi branch of Netflix was doing a survey about a possible season 3. Have you heard anything about it?
              • I can't tell.Poppet, Thu Nov 8 6:16pm
                I only had time for a glance, and I couldn't tell if it was "for realsies" Neflix or some sort of fan thing. I'll look further...'coz I so want it to be real.
                • I haven't done all the checking yet.PureStevil, Fri Nov 9 8:26am
                  I want it desperately, but the fact that this isn't running through a netflix branded survey makes me feel like it's less than for real. Feels sketchy.
                  • It's just a petition.Poppet, Fri Nov 9 10:34am
                    I signed it, of course...but it's nothing to do with Netflix in any official capacity. =( #IAmAlsoAWe
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