You and I both know that there is no Satan, but Muhammad
Thu Nov 8, 2018 4:35pm

thought that there WAS. It is all over the Quran.

Muhammad was very ignorant for someone with a supposed pipeline to God.

He thought that the Mary (Miriam) mother of Jesus was the same as the Miriam who was the sister of Moses, despite the fact that they lived more than a thousand years apart. See explicit quote in link.

He thought that the Jews consider Ezra to be the Son of God. Jews do not recognize ANY son of God.

Muhammad thought that Mary (mother of Jesus) was part of the Trinity. She was NOT.

He thought that there were 12 lunar months in a year, giving the Muslims world's most useless calendar. The main purpose of all calendars is to tell people when to plant and harvest, which Muslim calendar fails to do.

He made DOZENS of errors in Science. If he had a pipeline to God, how did he make such blunders? He had the notion that the Sun set in a pool of water far in the West!

He thought that semen comes from between the backbone and the ribs, which is absurd.

He thought that Meteors are Stars Shot at Devils.

He believed that the moon was miraculously split into two pieces and then put back together again.

He believed in "seven heavens" whatever that meant.

The Qur'an assumes a flat earth.

He imagined that humans were born from semen ALONE and denied any contribution of the mother.

He thought that the bones of a human embryo are formed first and then covered up with flesh.

He believed that Earthquakes are a Punishment from God.

And no excuses for errors can be accepted from someone who spoke with God.




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