Should USA help more countries build nuclear weapons
Thu Nov 8, 2018 9:27pm

to promote world peace?

Some 2nd amendment supporters say we should have more guns so people can defend themselves, so we will have fewer mass shootings. That seems like a good idea.

If we use that same reasoning, does that mean more countries should have nuclear weapons to defend themselves so there will be fewer wars?

I'm not sure if this is a good analogy. I support the right to own guns, but I'm undecided about letting more countries have nuclear bombs.

    • given its plunder of German scientists. You cannot keep potent secrets like nuclear weapons from countries like the USSR for long.
      • True... however...Sprout, Tue Nov 13 10:39am
        You can, if you have the will, make it too costly to do so... You nuke the sites and cities you deem most likely to be the location of the research and develop programs. You also target the... more
    • OTHER countries to acquire nuclear weapons. We had a monopoly. We should have kept it. In 1946, we had the ability to prevent ANY other country from acquiring nukes. How? B-29 + a nuke a day on any... more
      • Gobs of pure conjecture stated as fact.Sir Real, Fri Nov 9 5:24pm
        What evidence suggests that all nations combined could not stand against the USA in 1946? Suppose the combined air forces of all the world's non -nuclear powers were to announce an absolute... more
        • from time to time... I think the challenge with some sort of post WWII global attempt to destroy the US would face the same challenge as Japan and Germany faced when they were in the planning phases... more
      • That sounds like terrorism. Ken C, Fri Nov 9 12:12pm
        Big imprecise bombs would kill many civilians. Would it be moral to nuke a country that is not threatening us? What if a Israel wanted nukes to protect themselves from their neighbors? Should we have ... more
        • to obtain nuclear weapons destabilize the World. One point is simple: Once a few nukes had been demonstrated in the boondocks of any of these countries, these countries would knuckle under... more
          • More conjecture stated as fact.Sir Real, Fri Nov 9 5:34pm
            For example: DFM: "Once a few nukes had been demonstrated in the boondocks of any of these countries, these countries would knuckle under immediately." No evidence to suggest that would be the case.... more
            • Certainly can't be absolutely proven...Sprout, Tue Nov 13 10:34am
              But I think David does have a point... IMO today globally we kind of live under the presumption that the existing nuclear powers will continue to exercise restraint. That they do NOT have the will to ... more
              • The problem with your argumentSir Real, Tue Nov 13 10:53am
                is that dropping a "for show" nuke here or there "in the boondocks" does nothing to demonstrate that nukes intended to wreak human devastation REALLY are on table and WILL be used.
                • Maybe, maybe not....Sprout, Wed Nov 14 6:42am
                  Since no one has even used one as a demonstration strike out in the middle of nowhere, such a strike WOULD represent a HUGE change in policy and a LARGE difference in apparent intent. Now, as you... more
                  • What aggression?Sir Real, Thu Nov 15 3:55am
                    Are you suggesting that countries being threatened with nuclear holocaust (by a country that aggressively sought and succeeded in becoming a nuclear superpower) for seeking to escape the precarious... more
                    • Your proposal was that post WWII the entireSprout, Thu Nov 15 11:28am
                      non-nuclear armed world seek to invade the US conventionally... Would you not consider that to be aggression?
                      • What aggression?Sir Real, Thu Nov 15 4:28pm
                        Your claim was that "even if a nation on the receiving end of a remote area strike WERE to follow your course of action and ignore it and continue its aggression" blah blah blah. Obviously, your... more
    • I'm not sure that is a great comparison...Sprout, Fri Nov 9 6:57am
      But the concept of nuclear non-proliferation actually is... Because when we talk about nuclear non-proliferation no one is talking about the unrealistic, unworkable, and totally not going to happen... more
    • no (nm)jb, Fri Nov 9 3:46am
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