You are ending the week the way you started it...
Fri Nov 9, 2018 7:14am (XFF:

...with dishonesty.

It was shown to you JUST THIS WEEK that the Christian god HAS CHANGED, and yet you puke up, yet again, the claim that
"god doesn't change".

The god of the Old Testament was a vindictive, vengeful, jealous, murdering THUG.

There's NO WAY around that. A simple reading of all of the god-committed and god-commanded atrocities in the OT prove it.

Is that the same Christian god TODAY?

The Christian god today is loving and compassionate.

That's why so many Christians today resort to the tortured reasoning that jesus came and brought a "new covenant" that
made all of the OT atrocities go away.

The "new covenant" is PROOF that Christians think god HAS changed.

Stop copying-and-pasting the LIE that "god doesn't change".

It just makes you look bad.

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