It's not the fastest.
Fri Nov 9, 2018 8:23am

They're definitely limiting the scope of what they are comparing to to a degree, but it's a generous and absolutely more than fair cherry pick.
If they live up to their ambitions, it's the roadster II that will be the car with no competitor. We'll see how things go.

  • Think about things like Roush Mustangs. If we only want to limit it to show cars like the GT-350, we end up picking vehicles where there is a HUGE price premium based on the "wow" factor. I'm simply... more
    • $70k to spend for the fastest track toy?Poppet, Fri Nov 9 10:37am
      Why, a used D or C sports racer like a Stohr or suchlike and a pickup and trailer to get it to the track. Forty grand or less worth of superbike-powered sports racer that will absolutely eviscerate... more
      • I was presuming one wished to remainSprout, Fri Nov 9 11:29am
        street legal in the interest of keeping the comparison somewhat apples-to-apples with another street legal vehicle. If I had 70K to spend on something that I could drive to the track, play for a... more
        • Oh, I figured...just messing around!Poppet, Fri Nov 9 4:19pm
          Most drivers would want to spend a fair amount of track time in a road car before trying to ump into something like a Stohr, anyway. "Momentum cars" with insane downforce are something you work up... more
    • It's not the fastest. — PureStevil, Fri Nov 9 8:23am
      • I'm just reminding folks to compareSprout, Fri Nov 9 8:34am
        apples to apples... I certainly recognize that it is a legitimate marketing tool to carefully pick the products and characteristic of that your product line excels in when doing marketing... more
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