Okay, cool...
Fri Nov 9, 2018 10:33am

The Camaro 1SS is the least expensive V8 model, as far as I can tell, and i's $37K (great performance-to-cost ratio, given its stock 455bhp and decent handling). I have no doubt you could make it a superior track tool than the Tesla for an additional $30k...but that's a bit apples-to-oranges. The Camaro is a muscle car/sports coupe, and the Tesla is a mid-sized sedan. If you can find one, the Chevy SS sedan (a Holden from Australia under the badges) will get you a similarly-sized sedan with a 400bhp V8 and manual transmission...and with some money spent, probably as much or more track potential as the Tesla.

In the same general size and type range, I'd probably rate the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio at the top of the "sedan track tool" charts...but that's not saving any money over the Tesla.

My ideal track toy car (that I don't have to trailer to the track)? A McLaren 600LT, probably. A tad more spendy than any of the above... =P

  • Off the top of my head...Sprout, Fri Nov 9 5:19am
    Take a basic V-8 Mustang or Camaro, which can be had in the 30K price range. Then add another 30K of performance upgrades. That puts the owner in at equal to or less than the cost of that particular... more
    • Okay, cool... — Poppet, Fri Nov 9 10:33am
      • It's been a while since I shopped cars...Sprout, Fri Nov 9 11:37am
        About 6years ago I test drove a BMW 330i with some factory performance upgrades. The dealer wanted about 40k for the car. I imagine with another 20K to spend, that car could have been a SCREAMER and... more
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