Thanks. That's what I assumed it was.
Fri Nov 9, 2018 12:54pm (XFF:

That's very interesting.

It makes me wonder how they justified keeping SOME of the biblical laws, and changing others?

I assume the Jews still consider the 10 Commandments to be "lawful? Maybe not.

Unless they dismissed ALL of the laws in the bible, what did they use to determine which were "excessive"
and which were still acceptable.

I've heard this discussion before, numerous times, especially on the "Atheist Experience".

If god says that slavery is OK, but that people shouldn't eat shellfish, what are people using when they
dismiss the first law as "excessive", and the second as acceptable?

Their innate sense of right and wrong.

And if THAT'S the case -- that they can use their innate sense of right and wrong -- then what do they need
ANY of god's laws for?

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