Oh, I figured...just messing around!
Fri Nov 9, 2018 4:19pm

Most drivers would want to spend a fair amount of track time in a road car before trying to ump into something like a Stohr, anyway. "Momentum cars" with insane downforce are something you work up to...

An STI with 20k worth of mods would be an absolute beast. Not a lot of things needed on the full-on STI model, chassis-wise (maybe a little lowering, possible even better dampers), so you could sink most of that into the engine, and end up with about 450 wheel on pump premium, with a very reliable build.

Yes, I'm a gearhead...I trust no one's surprised.

  • I was presuming one wished to remainSprout, Fri Nov 9 11:29am
    street legal in the interest of keeping the comparison somewhat apples-to-apples with another street legal vehicle. If I had 70K to spend on something that I could drive to the track, play for a... more
    • Oh, I figured...just messing around! — Poppet, Fri Nov 9 4:19pm
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