Mental Telepathy is used not words. (nm)
Sun Nov 11, 2018 2:19pm

  • Reality check: you, sir, have a problem.Ennui, Sun Nov 11 1:28pm
    Dead people most certainly do NOT talk.
    • Which is more insane?Sir Real, Sun Nov 11 3:07pm
      Believing that one has been commanded (by a dog, no less) to kill? "He reported that a dog spoke to him, channeling a 6,000-year-old man named Sam whom he sometimes identified with Sam Carr, a... more
      • I remember the Son of Sam caseEnnui, Sun Nov 11 5:16pm
        Creepy as hell before he was IDed and captured. Read this thread. It is short. The question and reply was posted on a public board. Confidentiality therefore can not be claimed. Make of it what you... more
        • One could make a pretty good case for the notionSir Real, Sun Nov 11 9:12pm
          that the dog was Berkie's "Manifestation". LOL Considering that the replying poster in the thread that you linked virtually identified himself as a spoofer by using the all-caps I.D. "JB", and... more
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