Sir Real
One could make a pretty good case for the notion
Sun Nov 11, 2018 9:12pm

that the dog was Berkie's "Manifestation". LOL

Considering that the replying poster in the thread that you linked virtually identified himself as a spoofer by using the all-caps I.D. "JB", and considering as well the accuracy of the post's content (not to be expected if the post actually were authentic), as well as the fact that the post was ended with a smiley face, I take the linked reply to be inauthentic.

Interesting thing, though: The brief exchange that you linked seems to pick up where a longer exchange a few threads below it left off. I read the longer thread in its entirety, mistakenly thinking it contained the shorter exchange and, considering the contents of THIS thread, I was intrigued to discover a four-letter word within the aforementioned longer thread, the very same four-letter word, in fact, accounting for three of the four objections raised in the third post of THIS thread.

  • I remember the Son of Sam caseEnnui, Sun Nov 11 5:16pm
    Creepy as hell before he was IDed and captured. Read this thread. It is short. The question and reply was posted on a public board. Confidentiality therefore can not be claimed. Make of it what you... more
    • One could make a pretty good case for the notion — Sir Real, Sun Nov 11 9:12pm
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