Best Bruce UFO video to date. Chocked full of
Sun Dec 2, 2018 6:27am

'critters of every kind.' This video was posted a few hours ago. How some doofuses can state this is pixelation is hilarious. These craft or biological things are huge. Bruce estimated one to be 1/2 in width. Incredible! It is a threat to cube-thinkers who are still stuck in the PC sandbox that imprisons their outdated brain furrows. Time to consider some new creases in the gray matter. Yes, the hosts of heaven are here, on the moon and being videoed all over the earth up in the sky. It's very Biblical. Though insincere if these things are friendly. "Woe be unto man when the devil comes down to earth." A latter-day prophecy.


    • At 1:50, he nailed it, when he said...SES, Wed Dec 5 11:19am
      ..."There, see that? This is...I don't know. It's hard to say what's going on." Then don't claim to know what's going on? Cloud cover on the moon. lol
    • A: Because they do not exist. DFM
      • Speak for yourself.G👽👀👽G, Sun Dec 2 10:51am
        Have you read Ringmakers of Saturn?? Go argue with Norman Bergrum.
      • Good question.woodbine, Sun Dec 2 10:21am
        There are hundreds of observatories worldwide, used by, not just the intellectual elite but also thousands of ale sodden students many of whom drop out of their course Are all these sandal wearing... more
        • as the professionals. Smaller to be sure, but still of high quality such as Celestron. At any given moment, hundreds of thousands of amateur astronomers with decent telescopes are looking at the... more
          • Nuts? Einstein was nuts.G😳G, Sun Dec 2 3:28pm
            Most of these overly-bright persons are nuts. That comes with being highly intelligent. What is your excuse? Mr.Swartz has simply perfected an unsullied path to discovering these moving objects on... more
        • That is their problem. Not mine.G😡👽😡G, Sun Dec 2 10:58am
          Bruce is likely (outside of NASA) the only astronomer to actually slow down the camera speed footage. Haha that is all it took! He ought to get a prize, I agree. But prizes of such honorific... more
          • No. It's yours.woodbine, Sun Dec 2 12:21pm
            If there were a worldwide conspiracy then it would be the talk of every student bar in Christendom. But it isn't. So it's not true.
            • Did I use the "C" word? No!G🤔🌔🌎🤔G, Sun Dec 2 1:49pm
              It's not a conspiracy. The losers failed to do what Bruce has done. Do you think Bruce Swartz is going to be given air time on the MSM? No. NASA will veto. That is how the marginalizing is... more
              • No conspiracy?woodbine, Sun Dec 2 3:39pm
                If as you suggest, craft are routinely buzzing around the moon and travelling back and forth to Earth, they would easily be seen by any astronomer studying the moon. But they do not report it.
                • You will have to ask them.G🌔G, Sun Dec 2 7:57pm
                  I have no idea why these astronomers say nothing. Perhaps they have not bothered to actually look for UFOs on the Moon. Or maybe they have been ordered to keep quiet. Most of the facilities are... more
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