Another massive mega-structure found off California coast!
Wed Dec 5, 2018 5:09am

Of course this cannot be 'artificially' created because: It's gigantic. It's under 6,300 feet of ocean water.

One cannot avoid recalling the huge plate-like platform style mega-structures on our Moon shown in many YouTube videos taken from NASA pics.. Measurements show these gargantuan platforms to be 4.75 miles in width. And many miles long, looking for all the world like a jumbled collapsed foundation. Yeah sure it cannot be unnatural. Hahaha...


    • Have you looked at it on Google Earth?SES, Thu Dec 6 11:26am
      When I look at it on Google Earth, I can see it -- and also all kinds of lines all over the place "on the bottom of the ocean". It's about 1,300 miles long, in a perfectly straight line, and in some... more
      • No, I have not.G😙G, Thu Dec 6 11:47am
        But, I see those many lines in concert with this gargantuan anomaly. But given your description you are likely at the wrong coordinates. While the "lines" are the edges of the blocks, I do not see... more
        • ..."structure", exactly as shown in the video. And right NEXT to that "structure", to the west, there's a north-north-east to south-south-west "structure", that's 1,300 miles long and about 10 miles... more
          • Why is it obvious?G🤔G, Thu Dec 6 3:46pm
            What is obvious is there is a huge anomaly there. Is your image fuzzy? Does not sound like it is from your description. So you see it too. Why is a gargantuan structure dismissed as natural. Just... more
            • ...of thousands of miles of 10 mile wide perfectly straight roads or runways all over the surface of the Earth? And ONLY in places that are now under thousands of feet of sea water? That's really... more
              • You have such an imagination!G😬😤G, Fri Dec 7 6:46am
                I do not see what you see. I see an area as in the initiating link that depicts a kind of a jumble of mega structures. The juxtspositioning and the same forms comprising the jumble is curious. That... more
                • You can't JUST loom at the ONE image!SES, Fri Dec 7 7:13am
                  • No.G😙🤔G, Fri Dec 7 9:40am
                    But I have looked at maps on line. I know about what you speak. Lines and cracks everywhere. It's easy to tell the natural from the suspicious. Please answer my question. Are you telling me you do... more
                    • You, sir, are as dense as jb.SES, Fri Dec 7 10:40am
                      "It's easy to tell the natural from the suspicious." If you haven't even LOOKED at Google Earth, then you are speaking from utter and total ignorance. The 1,300 mile long, 10 mile wide "runway" that... more
                      • So says you.G😫G, Fri Dec 7 3:35pm
                        At least you agree the image I posted is jumbled.
                  • ** look ** (nm)SES, Fri Dec 7 7:13am
        • Cloaking technology? A new one to the list.woodbine, Thu Dec 6 1:24pm
          Is where the alien craft disguise themselves as photographic anomalies cause by using telescopes beyond their range. Dear me.
          • Cloaking is their camo.G🙄G, Thu Dec 6 3:51pm
            They create cloud cover when it's suits their need. One is never too OLD to learn. Brittle up!
    • https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-straight-lines-we-see-on-the-ocean-floor-in-Google-Earth-caused-by
      • Your link has nothing in common with my link.G☺️G, Thu Dec 6 7:51am
        There is nothing fuzzy about my pic linked from MRMBB333. This is typical of you naynuts. There is no mapping error except down in a deep trench of your brain.
      • and all he got was a mapping error. Martin Luther warned us about people like you and to avoid using reason at all costs. "Reason is a whore, the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the... more
        • "The reason that UFOs are such popular delusions is that they are FUN to think about." That's pretty much it, I do think. It *IS* fun. So are spirits, ghosts and other non-corporeal entities. They... more
          • No, I was not hoping for a UFO base.G😐G, Thu Dec 6 7:56am
            If you read my post there is only mention of a MEGA STRUCTURE. I did not say whether it is natural or ET created. UFOs are being images by celk phones all over the world. Too bad u have not been... more
        • Fun.woodbine, Wed Dec 5 2:22pm
          If GOG prefixed his posts with ""Wouldn't it be interesting if...." I would agree with him.
          • What is there to disagree about?G🙄G, Thu Dec 6 8:02am
            I SAID structure. I did not say it's artificial. Nor indicate it is of Alien provenance. My lunar link ought to have triggered the thought that these big blocks might be in common with how planets... more
            • The "structures"...woodbine, Thu Dec 6 9:01am
              ... demonstrate how one can be deceived into drawing conclusions from photographic anomalies.
              • Why don't you take it up with Google Earth G🦄G, Thu Dec 6 11:27am
                You take an article by an "expert" which had nothing to do with these structures. I got the drift of the article and understand it. But it is NOT relevant to my link. Indeed, the website host did... more
                • Here's an official website if you prefer.woodbine, Thu Dec 6 11:46am
                  • What your link depicts is nothing I woukd bother with to suggest is a city or street. And has nothing in common with my initiating post link. There is a world of difference between the two images.... more
                    • Of course you're Napoleon.woodbine, Thu Dec 6 1:17pm
                      If an explanation from those who do the mapping doesn't enlighten you then you need to ask yourself what would. If you think they are structures similar to those found on the moon then you are... more
                      • ...8-mile high pyramid. I wonder how many people I walk past on the sidewalk everyday are conspiracy nutjobs.
                        • 8 mike high pyramid?G😙😏G, Fri Dec 7 4:54pm
                          Never heard if it. But it not inconceivable. There are "technologies" way beyond your conceits. As a 'conspiracy scientist' you can take my word for it.
                      • Your link was very enlightening.G🙄G, Thu Dec 6 3:07pm
                        It said to me the "experts" are blind. And you, too. There is a world of difference between my link and your link. A great divide. The website owner I linked to is not one to make such errors as you... more
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