Church attendance - observations.
Wed Dec 5, 2018 11:05am (XFF:

The last time I regularly went to Church was when I was married. 10 years or so ago.

We went to a Catholic Church. There aren't that many Catholic Churches here. We went on Saturday evenings, and the Church was
usually about 80% full. 300 or 400 people. Maybe more.

My fiance has been looking for a Church to attend. So far we've been to a Lutheran Church, and a Presbyterian Church. Both of
them on a Sunday morning.

The Lutheran Church probably had seating for 400. There were about 15 people there.

The Presbyterian Church was built in the 1840s. Seats 600 or more. There were 17 people there.

I asked a friend at the Presbyterian Church how long she had been going there. She said her whole life - 60-plus years. She said
that when she was a kid back in the 60s and 70s, it was hard to find a seat. They rented the first floor pews so people could
have a reserved seat. The overflow sat in the gallery.

Do any of you regularly go to Church?

If so, what is the typical attendance?

And how has it changed, if at all?

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