Symbols Are Much More Efficient
Mon Jan 14, 2019 6:57am

in terms of being universally readable, able to convey more in formation using less geography on the screen, etc.

Back in the day everything was spelled out in great detail in multi-volume manuals.

Nowadays users are expected to be savvy enough to simply click an icon to figure out it's function and how it works, and if they are stumped ask another user.

  • I'm looking at my icloud photos on my Windows PC. Across the top of the screen are a bunch of symbols that I don't recognize. There are no words across the top of the screen. When I hold the mouse... more
    • Symbols Are Much More Efficient — Merlin, Mon Jan 14 6:57am
      • Nothing held Chinese culture and technology back more than the excessively complex symbology with its tens of thousands of characters. Education consisted (and still consists) largely of learning the ... more
        • Everywhere. Try figuring out Bart in SF. Or the increasing use on the Muno Metro. How about road signs? It’s becoming ubiquitous. It’s becone an alien “language”. User unfriendly. And I have an IQ of ... more
      • symbols AND recall what each represents. For instance, my CD player: it’s black in “color.” The symbols require lots of light and a magnifying glass. And the next time I use it I have to recall what... more
      • I Have Discovered...Amadeus, Mon Jan 14 7:28am
        ...that many applications and games also assume a customer base that has experience with the previous version of the product. So, incremental changes often do not reference previously explained... more
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