How radical feminists have harmed careers of women.
Mon Jan 14, 2019 8:11am

    • How about how men have harmed careers of women?wondering, Mon Jan 14 9:27am
      Are you making war on women now?
      • You are MISSING the point entirely.DFM, Mon Jan 14 10:16am
        The point is that hypersensitivity to the possibility of being accused by women has hurt women's careers because men will no longer mentor them. In business, one must LEARN from those who know. If... more
        • Hypersensitivity....wondering, Mon Jan 14 11:30am
          goes both ways. Just because women have begun to stand up against obvious harassment and bad behavior from men doesn't mean they are being hypersensitive. Of course there will be SOME cases of... more
      • in any social experimentTrish, Mon Jan 14 9:40am
        when there is a harsh period where one side is kept back or treated as secondary, eventually the other shoe will drop. I do not condone the behavior of those who do so purposefully and with intent.... more
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