I am sick and tired of the “learning curve.”
Mon Jan 14, 2019 8:15am

For a nerd like you it’s lijely just wonderful to have the dendrites “challenged.” But many of us, specifically me, are disgusted with having to use up time trying to learn or relearn to use these techno invaders of our collapsing culture. Apple forced an upgrade on my phone by literally kicking me off the internet by shutting down my phone. I did not want the upgrade knowing this would cause more complications and superfluous stuff being added. After three hours at Apple Store, and sending all of my private stuff into the ICloud, the phone was updated and restored. And yep, this phone is far more complicated to use, more pop ups, an insistence I turn on ITunes which I do not use. I have had to relearn much. They have screwed over what was a simple way to send text messages with now three ways to communicate with others. One day I received five personal photos from my album with “Memories 2016” scrawled across screen. I was astounded that they would go into my personal scrapbook and send me my pics. I felt violated! There are numerous glitches, too. I manage to work around them. Yes, I call tech often to help me out. I do research too on the net to solve problems. The reality is unless one is of the IQ of the nerds who invented the crap, it’s way more than we need or require. It’s become too complex and very time consuming. And I think it’s a threat to national cohesion.

  • I Have Discovered...Amadeus, Mon Jan 14 7:28am
    ...that many applications and games also assume a customer base that has experience with the previous version of the product. So, incremental changes often do not reference previously explained... more
    • I am sick and tired of the “learning curve.” — G🤮🤢🤮G, Mon Jan 14 8:15am
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