Microsoft Icons Used To Be Customizable, Maybe Still Are?
Mon Jan 14, 2019 8:18am

In spare moments while on the phone I'd customize an icon or two to suit my whimsy.

Personalizing my workspace with a coffee mug or plant or something like that I found conducive to a better working environment.

Not to mention enabling me to more readily find my cube amongst all the other cubes.

Though customizing my icons made my machine unusable by anyone but me, but that too was a good thing.

  • I Have Discovered...Amadeus, Mon Jan 14 7:28am
    ...that many applications and games also assume a customer base that has experience with the previous version of the product. So, incremental changes often do not reference previously explained... more
    • Microsoft Icons Used To Be Customizable, Maybe Still Are? — Merlin, Mon Jan 14 8:18am
    • I am sick and tired of the “learning curve.”G🤮🤢🤮G, Mon Jan 14 8:15am
      For a nerd like you it’s lijely just wonderful to have the dendrites “challenged.” But many of us, specifically me, are disgusted with having to use up time trying to learn or relearn to use these... more
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