Offending certain "special people" in the United Kingdom is
Tue Feb 12, 2019 6:10am

    • Doesn't It Make You Uncomfortable...Amadeus, Tue Feb 12 10:11pm
      ...siding with bullies? What kind of a society wants to protect that kind of speech? Freedom of speech has limits. You may not find it insulting to have someone continuously or purposefully misgender ... more
      • YOU are favoring fascism.DFM, Wed Feb 13 5:37pm
        "What kind of a society wants to protect that kind of speech?" A FREE SOCIETY. "Freedom of speech has limits." It does, but only as outlined above. If I want to insult someone, it is my absolute... more
        • "Fascism?" lolgreenman, Thu Feb 14 10:34am
          Projection, I'm afraid. Republicans and Trump seem a lot closer to fascism than anyone on the liberal side of the aisle. And no, you have no "absolute right to insult someone." That's not remotely... more
        • This is the same kind of thing as the analogy for tolerance. If tolerance is allowing people onto the lifeboat after your ship has sunk, is it intolerance to not allow the man to get in the boat who... more
          • It is called "Freedom of Speech".DFM, Wed Feb 13 10:17pm
            It is because the entire issue is totally subjective. What one person considers abuse another will consider to be a joke. People cannot be required by law to alter their speech to conform to the... more
    • Speaking of PC and free speech....wondering, Tue Feb 12 10:35am
      I'm wondering what your opinion is of the black athletes who refused to stand but knelt during the national anthem on the football field? Should people be offended that they refused to stand for the... more
      • ...kneeling during the National Anthem, while Soldiers and Airmen and Marines and Sailors hold the American flag, then you are being disrespectful. As a Veteran, that offends me. No, it shouldn't be... more
        • Fake offensegreenman, Tue Feb 12 2:32pm
          ..and a total violation of whatever oath to defend this country's freedoms you claim to have sworn. Protests are against violent cops, NOTHING TO DO with armed forces, the flag, or anything else.... more
          • ...with soldiers, airmen, Marines, sailors, or the American Flag, or the National anthem. So...don't protest where the National anthem is being played, and the American flag is being held right in... more
            • LOL!greenman, Wed Feb 13 12:10pm
              Don't tell me or anyone where to protest, Marine tough guy. This is a FREE country, despite people who think like you.
              • exercises HIS freedom and fires you for protesting on HIS time.
                • Naturallygreenman, Wed Feb 13 3:55pm
                  ...a Capitalist will put the rights of the feudal owner/employer above the rights of the employee. You're such a fake 'lover of freedom.'
                  • So, if you owned a small business you feelSprout, Thu Feb 14 6:05am
                    that your EMPLOYEES have a right to hurt your family's income so they can protest?
                    • They have a right to protestgreenman, Thu Feb 14 10:41am
                      ...and please, don't compare the billionaires who run the NFL to a "family business." That's just comical.
                      • to protest REGARDLESS of what they are protesting? So, if your employee wants to advocate banning abortion while working for YOU, that is their right and you have NO CHOICE but to allow them to carry ... more
                        • Not paying anyone to protestgreenman, Thu Feb 14 11:24am
                          And again, you tend to erect a strawman rather than debate honestly....smh
                          • Yet that is EXACTLY what Kapernick demanded...Sprout, Thu Feb 14 12:00pm
                            To be PAID. To do his protesting on the clock... Had he opted to protest NOT wearing his employer's uniform and NOT on the clock, he would still be playing football.
                            • No, that's falsegreenman, Thu Feb 14 1:19pm
                              Neither he nor anyone else has been asking to be "paid to protest." You mischaracterize the entire protest.
                              • Really? So he was doing it on his own time?Sprout, Thu Feb 14 2:00pm
                                And NOT while he was acting as an employee? He was on the job, on the clock, and instead of doing what he was being PAID to do, he wanted to PROTEST.
                                • Changing the argument?greenman, Thu Feb 14 3:53pm
                                  You said he demanded to be paid to protest. Now you're trying to pretend I said he was doing it on his own time? I've told you...RIGHTS DON'T END AT THE EMPLOYER'S DOOR.
                                  • It's the same argument...Sprout, Fri Feb 15 6:26am
                                    When he is WORKING FOR THE TEAM, he is being PAID for his time by the team. THUS the team is justified in expecting that he perform the work to THEIR standards not just whatever he WANTS to be... more
                                    • I'm not disputing who he 'works' forgreenman, Fri Feb 15 11:48am
                                      ..or who pays him, only that his rights end when he enters the team's facilities. You seem to want the Boss to be the feudal overlord and able to declare what the employee can and cannot do, think,... more
                  • What you do on COMPANY TIME is the company's business. Do you fail to grasp that simple point? DFM
                    • I'm saying you put the company's interestsgreenman, Thu Feb 14 10:42am
                      ...ahead of the right of protest, and that's hypocritical of you when you also pretend to be Constitutionalists and freedom-lovers. Deal with it.
                      • Not at all....Sprout, Thu Feb 14 11:07am
                        Your right to protest is not infringed AT ALL by expecting you to engage in it on YOUR time.
                        • Obviously it ISgreenman, Thu Feb 14 11:25am
                          ...since you seem to believe that paying me as an employee takes away my right to protest. My Constitutional rights do not end at the door of your sweatshop, sir!
                          • Or do you think I should have a RIGHT to set up pro-life protest signs in YOUR front yard?
                            • They don't ALL end there, nogreenman, Thu Feb 14 3:56pm
                              I have certain property rights, but am not sovereign lord on my property. If some asshat set up anti-abortion signs on my property, for example, I don't have the right to SHOOT them for trespassing.... more
                              • You can THROW THEM OUT...Sprout, Fri Feb 15 6:26am
                                Just like you can FIRE an employee for the same. No one said that the team could SHOOT Kapernick.
                                • Then why did YOU say it?greenman, Fri Feb 15 11:49am
                                  Again, just distractions from your real point, which is that employers can do anything they want within the law to employees. I disagree. Stalemate.
                                  • I did not say you could shoot me silly...Sprout, Fri Feb 15 12:16pm
                                    I said that my constitutional right to PROTEST does in fact end at your property line. Just like YOUR constitutional right to protest DOES in fact end when you enter your employer's property line.... more
              • ...and in the wrong way, I'll tell them. When those Theist a-holes go to cemeteries, during funerals, and yell and scream at the people attending a soldier's funeral, that's the wrong place, at the... more
                • Your opiniongreenman, Wed Feb 13 12:28pm
                  And given most of your posts and political ideas, not a very worthwhile opinion, either. A ridiculous comparison.
                  • No sh*t. Duh.SES, Wed Feb 13 12:33pm
                    Do you think the Westboro Baptist Church's protests at military funerals were appropriate? If you do, that's just your opinion. And who gives a f*ck?
                    • I despise Westboro Baptistgreenman, Wed Feb 13 12:42pm
                      And it's irrelevant. As are you.
                      • Perfectly relevant.SES, Wed Feb 13 12:53pm
                        In your opinion, Westboro Baptist Church's protests at cemeteries during funerals are not an appropriate way to protest. In my opinion, NFL players protests during the National Anthem when the... more
                        • Football games are not sacred!greenman, Wed Feb 13 3:57pm
                          Jesus, you really are unhinged. The flag, soldiers (who don't even f-------g BELONG at a football game, and wouldn't be there if the NFL didn't have a deal with the military to promote them), and the ... more
                          • No one said they were...Sprout, Thu Feb 14 9:16am
                            Some view an action as disrespectful. Some do not. You seem to feel that a lot of other peoples thoughts are "hateful" but they disagree... People have a RIGHT to disagree. The KEY on this entire... more
                            • Actually SES implied thatgreenman, Thu Feb 14 10:44am
                              ...by bringing in this ridiculous comparison: "Do you think the Westboro Baptist Church's protests at military funerals were appropriate?" A football game and a funeral are utterly different... more
                              • Not at all...Sprout, Thu Feb 14 11:02am
                                Simply pointing out that there ARE appropriate and inappropriate times and places to protest... If you defend a football players "right" to protest while on the job as "appropriate", then you MUST... more
                                • No, I "mustn't"greenman, Thu Feb 14 11:27am
                                  I repeat, the two situations are not remotely alike. I'm not talking appropriate and inappropriate TIMES to protest. You could indeed argue that the NFL players protests were at "inappropriate... more
                          • We disagree. Get over it.SES, Thu Feb 14 6:07am
                            I find their "protest" to be disrespectful. And I have sound reasons for it. You disagree. Fine. Whatever. Get the f*ck over it. jesus h crist
                            • YOU get over itgreenman, Thu Feb 14 10:45am
                              Yes, we disagree, and I will KEEP disagreeing no matter what. You're WRONG about the whole nature of the kneeling protests, and I'll keep reminding you of THAT, too. YOU get over it, fake tough guy.
                          • Are the players being PAID at the time?DFM, Wed Feb 13 5:41pm
                            Then they should NOT use that time for protest. They should protest on THEIR OWN TIME. DFM
                            • Just your opiniongreenman, Thu Feb 14 10:46am
                              I reject it, as I do most of your opinions.
                              • is not a matter of opinion. It is a matter of FACT... And it is also an inescapable fact that IF one is protesting on someone else's dime that someone else gains a RIGHT to a say in the decisions... more
                                • I will repeat for yougreenman, Thu Feb 14 11:29am
                                  ..as I did for Sprout above: My RIGHT TO PROTEST - and all of my Constitutional rights - do NOT end at the door of my place of employment. You Righties love to whine about 'someone else's dime,' but... more
                                  • IS subject to their approval. Whether it be an employers property, or simply someone elses private property, if I walk into YOUR yard and set up pro-life posters, YOU gain the right to toss them AND... more
                                    • Not absolutely subject, nogreenman, Thu Feb 14 3:54pm
                                      Your "rights" as an employer don't supercede my rights as an AMERICAN CITIZEN. Shocking that I'd have to explain this to you.
            • Haha. Good one!! (nm)G🤪G, Wed Feb 13 7:03am
      • Most contracts for entertainers (which is what professional athletes are) provide clauses that prohibit "conduct unbecoming" ..., i.e., anything that makes the company (team) look bad. In such a... more
      • since a Vet was consulted on this BEFORETrish, Tue Feb 12 11:31am
        the demonstration took place and it was NEVER a protest about the anthem or flag this whole broo-ha-ha simply pisses me off. Peaceful, meaningful, visual protest focused on one issue is refreshing.
        • That the vet questioned does not speak for all of them. It wasn't ABOUT the anthem or the flag, but it USED them for protest. To me, I don't particularly care whether he knelt or stood or sat... But... more
          • easy peasyTrish, Tue Feb 12 7:54pm
            don't pay them for the five minutes ... tada! There are people in the spot light all over the world who use their public moments to promote a cause. If I had that presence, I would too. It's smart... more
            • That way you don't even have to mess with timesheets. And you don't have to deal with the backlash from your customers. Had he used his presence ON HIS OWN TIME, it would have been a non-issue.
              • Sure he can Trish, Wed Feb 13 6:44am
                but from a purely effect perspective you want the biggest audience possible to broadcast your message football is a huge venue. He's smart as hell
                • I get it that he WANTS to do it his way...Sprout, Wed Feb 13 7:23am
                  and feels that his personal opinion SHOULD be the only possible factor used to determine the real world outcome. And that kind of selfishness is why he can't get a job in his chosen field. It is your ... more
                  • I am sure he's doing just fineTrish, Wed Feb 13 11:18am
                    if there was a sacrifice, he chose to make it. He has become a role model of peaceful protest that harms NO ONE, but projects a message. if other football players want to use that venue they too may... more
                    • It doesn't "harm no one"...Sprout, Wed Feb 13 12:00pm
                      It harmed his employer significantly... But of course no one wants to consider that... Which is why no other teams want to hire him.
      • Certainly people can be offended...Sprout, Tue Feb 12 11:09am
        There is no "should" or should not about it. A person can be offended any time they want. But being offended does not entitle one to FORCE others to change their behavior. One does NOT have a right... more
    • Here's a news website link: Ken C, Tue Feb 12 10:18am
      I prefer getting my news from news sites instead of youtube. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6687123/Mother-arrested-children-calling-transgender-woman-man.html She is also alleged to have... more
    • She seems stuck on transgender.G🧐G, Tue Feb 12 7:59am
      The issue is hate speech against anyone or any group. UK is a police state. That is the reality. I think people should have total freedom of speech. We do not want these laws here. Tell that to SPLC... more
      • What About...Amadeus, Tue Feb 12 10:14pm
        ...the freedom to teach people that the Holocaust never happened? There are limits to the Freedom of Speech. When the Freedom of Speech becomes counterproductive - when it harms instead of helping -... more
      • say it means. In USA, there are only FOUR kinds of speech that are not protected. 1. Causing panic: Yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theater. 2. Advocating violence: Telling people to shoot police, white ... more
        • What About Libel?Amadeus, Tue Feb 12 10:16pm
          I think there are several other kinds of prohibited speech. There is no reason to protect abusive speech. Amadeus
    • Unacceptablegreenman, Tue Feb 12 7:40am
      Upsetting someone isn't "hate speech." That's unfortunately the slippery slope you get on when you start making speech - or even thought - a 'crime.'
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