That response has nothing to do with my post.
Wed Feb 13, 2019 2:04pm (XFF:

Nice rant.

1. When Theists say "Evolution is just a theory", they are indicating an ignorance of the Scientific definition of "Theory".

That's annoying.

2. Even if you prove Evolution wwrong, how does that prove "god" right?

That's annoying.

3. Requiring observed evidence for the other proposition, while not requiring observed evidence of their own proposition, is duplicitous.

That's annoying.

Nice rant, though.

  • Donít you get it?Shadow, Wed Feb 13 1:51pm
    Or are you pretending not to get it just to be annoying? One is science; one is theology. Science deals only with the material. Theology includes the immaterial/metaphysical. It may be that man will... more
    • I tend to agreegreenman, Wed Feb 13 4:03pm
      ...but IMO when science contradicts factual claims made by religion, the latter must give way. Evolution is one of those areas where science has made claims religion can't deny.
    • That response has nothing to do with my post. — SES, Wed Feb 13 2:04pm
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