Christians and Muslims are theists. (nm)
Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:09pm

  • Well, to be fairgreenman, Thu Feb 14 11:07am
    ..a lot of theists are ignorant, hateful, violent, abusive, and stupid. By no means all, but a lot of Christians and Muslims are. They've taken turns screwing up the world for about 1700 years now,... more
    • Christians and Muslims are theists. (nm) — jb, Thu Feb 14 12:09pm
      • Derp! (nm)greenman, Thu Feb 14 1:15pm
        • Derp? (nm)jb, Thu Feb 14 2:06pm
          • I got it from Poppetgreenman, Thu Feb 14 3:48pm
            ..basically this generation's "Duh?" You simply reiterated what I'd already said.
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