We're on our way to Impeachment!
Wed May 29, 2019 10:47am

Mueller's latest comments make it clear that not only are Trump and Barr LYING about the results of the Mueller Report, the report clearly offers to the House evidence justifying impeachment.

He makes it clear that the investigation was his job, not indicting an elected official such as the President; this has to be done by Congress, as it would with any elected official. He saw no need to testify, saying "The Report is my testimony."

Democrats are starting to step up and call for the opening of an impeachment of the President, as they should.

Time for this to move forward. While it's unlikely the McConnell-led Senate would convict Trump, simply impeaching Trump and bringing the evidence out in public would make the public more aware of the contents of the Report and the evidence against this criminal, failed lunatic.

I join in with the call for Trump's impeachment. However it fits with Democratic Party plans, it must be done for the sake of justice.

    • You need to watch this.Anonymous, Wed May 29 8:39pm
    • Nonsense. Mueller did not say anything ...Mondo Fuego, Wed May 29 2:37pm
      ...that is not in the report. Everyone can see the report. Trump was not indicted on any charge. Idiots like low IQ Maxine have been screaming 'peachment for months, even before the report came out.... more
      • Er, did you hear Mueller's statement?greenman, Wed May 29 4:23pm
        He refuted the pro-Trump spin Barr put on it in his missive while indicating it's up to Congress to impeach the bastard. MUELLER COULD NOT INDICT THE PRESIDENT. derp
        • remains divided.
          • ...and then can't get enough votes in the House to actually impeach, and they end up with even MORE egg on their faces, Trump wins a second term, the GOP picks up seats in both the House and the... more
            • Duhgreenman, Thu May 30 7:34am
              They won't be introduced if the votes aren't there. Pelosi isn't STUPID, obviously. When the people hear the real evidence, no longer hidden by Barr and Co., and when they see the Senate just let... more
              • ...the "evidence". When the oranges of the investigation are revealed, and the investigation is revealed to have been an illegal sham, there's no way any sane rational person will support impeaching... more
          • That may well happengreenman, Wed May 29 7:19pm
            ..but at least the country will hear all of the evidence. Maybe his final judgement will happen in next year's election.
              • No, it's NOT "just politics"greenman, Thu May 30 7:32am
                Trump is a menace not just to this country, but the whole world. He's a dangerous loose cannon, a crook, a liar, corrupt and dishonest, and he sold out to the Russians. He's not like a McCain or a... more
                • The Universal House of Justice gave mankind a choice between world peace and unimaginable horrors. Unfortunately the choice was for horrors.
                  • Uh, yeah, rightgreenman, Thu May 30 3:28pm
                    Most real leaders in the world have no idea what the 'Universal House of Justice' is, and couldn't care less. But I suppose it thrills your cult to believe that they pull the levers of power.
    • there was not sufficient evidence. There is no way to get a conviction so let it alone, solve the nations problems.
    • We need to impeach your sorry ass.Mondo Fuego ™, Wed May 29 11:36am
      You are a supreme idiot. Nothing new happened today except Mueller fed the press and simpletons like you peed in their Depends.
      • What, nothing of substance?greenman, Wed May 29 11:40am
        What a f------g surprise. The dumbest, most partisan GOP hack on these boards can't make an intelligent objection. Well, feel free to do so in future, Mongo. I suppose even YOU could have something... more
        • Nothing to object to ...Mondo Fuego™, Wed May 29 11:50am
          ... I can't help it if you post stupid, senseless shit. I accept you for what you aren't.
          • Haha (nm)G😀G, Wed May 29 12:58pm
          • Fair enough!greenman, Wed May 29 11:55am
            I accept the fact that you can't make an intelligible response, and accept YOU for what you aren't as well. ;)
    • Since only 43 Representatives support...SES, Wed May 29 11:08am
      ...even just opening an impeachment inquiry, and since you'd need over 200 to actually impeach... ...yeah, good luck with that. lmao... more
    • Non-stop 24/7 to defend Trump. The emotional toll that must take...looking into the mirror knowing you have another day of lying for Trump.
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