Mondo Fuego™
Junk Science?
Wed May 29, 2019 11:58am

On the one hand, we have scientists who claim the Universe came from a tiny speck ("singularity") which, after a "Big Bang", resulted in the creation thereof, a rather preposterous notion.

On the other hand, we now have scientists claiming that the Universe has always been there, hardly provable either.

Can't have it both ways.

The reality: nobody knows.

    • Also, can't wait to hear O'Crazio's version.Mondo Fuego™, Wed May 29 12:01pm
      "The Universe was created in 12 years" LOL
    • Hard to say when you offer no sources (nm)greenman, Wed May 29 12:00pm
      • Widely known.Mondo Fuego™, Wed May 29 12:06pm
        Google, Dude.
        • The Big Bang is widely known, yesgreenman, Wed May 29 12:19pm
          You dismiss it without any evidence or, AFAIK, any background in physics, etc. I've not heard any experts saying 'It's always been this way,' so it's up to you to offer evidence of that. I see no... more
          • Widely know but little understood.G👀G, Wed May 29 12:56pm
            Man will never ever understand it because we cannot accept that there is a separate spirit that created the bang. It’s the life-force. It permeates everything. Just say GOD and be done with it.
          • "I see no reason to do your homework for you."Mondo Fuego, Wed May 29 12:55pm
            It's because you lack intellectual curiosity. There's nothing in Physics that creates 6.022x10 23 x10 93 approx. molulecules of matter from an initial smidgen of stuff that is called a "singularity". ... more
            • Hmmgreenman, Wed May 29 1:08pm
              ..isn't that initial singularity supposed to be infinitely small and infinitely dense? Is there any real limit to the matter that could expand from that? And if the Universe just popped into being,... more
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