Julian Assange gravely ill.
Thu May 30, 2019 4:58am

The hero journalist and publisher is barely able to speak. The object may well be to make sure he never speaks again. No doubt MSM has failed to cover this. He has been moved from his torture-cell into the UKís Belmarsh Prison hospital. My suspicion since his kidnapping from the consulate is that the criminals behind the raid and imprisonments would rather see him dead than extradited to the US to further embarrass the persecuting criminal cabal via a trumped up kangaroo court. Should it be slow murder, the cover will be Assange was very ill when kidnapped. Of course he was not in the pink of health. But what the Brits did was exascerbate this with solitary isolation , lack of sunshine and fresh air, and lack of immediate medical attention. As those paying attention know, the various highly publicized political poisonings in the UK suggest the Brits are good at that. As an aside, what can one say about the disgusting Swedes?

    • You missed rapist and terrorist sympathizer.HeavyHemi, Thu May 30 7:48am
      Of course I know this is just another of your troll posts for attention. Only a moron would really believe what you posted, and you're not a moron, right?
      • All trumped up charges.G😡G, Thu May 30 7:58am
        The Swedes are just rehashing that lie to please US masters. If he sympathized with terrorists he would be welcomed in Washington as their hero. So, I really do not know why you flip the truth. Proud ... more
        • Trump used Assange, good call.HeavyHemi, Thu May 30 8:11am
          Why are you lying to support such a low life? I know the answer: for the attention. What are you going to do when you lose your main source of entertainment: Harassment online.
    • While I oppose suppression of the pressgreenman, Thu May 30 7:43am
      ...he's not much of a journalist. More of a provocateur and loose cannon. And he should answer rape charges in Sweden, which haven't been resolved. As to 'isolation,' he penned himself up on the... more
      • Loose cannon? Loose from who and what?G🧐G, Thu May 30 8:09am
        There is no question he is a digital publisher and a digital journalist. He did nothing like Ellsberg who actually stole documents (Hero Chelsea Manning) which the NYT happily published. Assange... more
        • Loose in the sensegreenman, Thu May 30 8:14am
          ...that once he was a seemingly noble figure releasing information about the U.S. military's actions in the Middle East, and a few years later he turned into Russia's shill and helped to elect... more
          • Assange a Russian shill? LOLS!G🤓😂G, Thu May 30 9:36am
            Where do you get this crap you does? What did he do....say something favorable about Russia? Gee, lots of people say nice things about Russia. I for one really like their churches and the... more
            • Are you clueless?greenman, Thu May 30 3:17pm
              Wikileaks released the stolen DNC data they got from the Russians to the public, helping elect Trump. Shills.
              • No, not clueless. You are.G😳G, Thu May 30 8:05pm
                Seth Rich sent those to Wikileaks. The Russian are a red herring. And guess who knows about the Russian lie?? Yep, Julian Assange. You think a real trial open to the public will be allowed? LOLS.... more
    • Oh come off of it.Sia☺giah, Thu May 30 6:13am
      The man had SELF-IMPOSED isolation without sunshine and fresh air for YEARS in the embassy since he couldn't possibly go outside for fear of being arrested. No one is trying to murder him. That's... more
      • Polly want an MSM cracker.G🤮G, Thu May 30 6:23am
        You and HH spout the same fascist-originated talking points. You know virtually nothing about this case except what the mainstream media tells you. Well I am here to give to you the REST of the... more
      • Crap. WASN'T kidnapped (nm)Sia☺giah, Thu May 30 6:13am
        • I need no caveats. But you require perfection.G🤮👵🏻🤮G, Thu May 30 6:29am
          Julian Assange is about many exposes. The one I think which scares INTEL and the creeps involved is the murder of Seth Rich. Julian Assange holds the key to unraveling that. He should have said what... more
          • Seth Rich WASN'T MURDERED.Sia☺giah, Thu May 30 6:38am
            Just freakin' STOP with passing on BS His (Seth Rich) OWN MOTHER has begged people to STOP passing that CRAP on.
            • He died tripping over Hillary?G😳G, Thu May 30 3:41pm
              The fact is he was shot. And died.
            • Poor thing. She is like you.G🤮G, Thu May 30 7:00am
              Utterly clueless about Babylonís Murder,Inc. You do know there were three murders in a row, one being Seth Rich? Of course the DNC (INTEL) (Hildebeast) pitting our contracts on troublemakers is... more
              • You lie for attention. You should stop.
                • The perfect post to you.TIC, Thu May 30 10:24am
                  G🧐G Have you ever thought about putting Wed May 29, 2019 1:01pm a moratorium into place regarding the word lie, liar, lying, lied? Could you try one week without using your... more
                • Hahahaha. Donít open my posts, moron. You hate Assange because Hillary wanted him ďdroned.Ē That is the sad state of your morals. He damaged Hildebeastís chance to be Babylonís Queen Ishtar. What is... more
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