Re: ABUSE file:
Thu Jun 5, 2014 5:19pm

Life is too short to argue & fight... (inspirational quote) Sia☺giah, Tue Jun 3 12:51pm
I'm all for flower power but many won't let us be. Samara, Wed Jun 4 11:13pm
We are sitting ducks for the A-Holes in the world, so that the quote can't work for all the time. :o( Samara
It's more for personal, every day relationships Sia☺giah, Thu Jun 5 10:02am
and not so much for external adversaries such as those AHs who sit in wait for our vulnerable moments... I firmly believe in fighting back when attacked...
works for me... (nm) donk, Wed Jun 4 12:46pm
ROTFLMAO.... Pot and kettle.... pot and kettle.... (nm) Sprout, Tue Jun 3 2:12pm
Is there something wrong with you?? WOW... Sia☺giah, Tue Jun 3 2:43pm
Sharing an inspirational message is not even remotely 'pot vs kettle' material, nevermind it having NOTHING to do with you or me or anyone else's particular arguments with folks... It's inspirational ... more
Laughing my butt off.... Sprout, Tue Jun 3 2:46pm
I wouldn't normally consider hilarity to be a flaw... That you preach this while at the same time are personally either unwilling or unable to follow it.... Hilarious... I'm having fun. You are the... more
Problem with your butt? Dr. Merlin, Tue Jun 3 5:13pm
Almost fell out of my chair.... Sprout, Tue Jun 3 5:17pm
Might have hurt my butt doing that... Laughing at the drama queen herself who pretends not to love drama...
I think you missed his point... But, no surprise there... (nm) Sia☺giah, Tue Jun 3 6:21pm
He is sitting on my point. :-) Merlin, Wed Jun 4 10:01am
LOL... that's funny! Sia☺giah, Wed Jun 4 10:05am
and still desperately seeking more attention... 'DNFTT, starve it instead' was good advice, thanks!
You're just an idjit... Laugh in your little corner with the Sia☺giah, Tue Jun 3 2:48pm
pointy hat you wear, who even cares... ?? You've clearly got serious issues going on...
Yet here you are... arguing away.... Sprout, Tue Jun 3 4:03pm
Can't help it aparently, in spite of the post you started teh thread with.... Which is why I'm laughing...
Oh? and what am I arguing about? There is NO argument Sia☺giah, Tue Jun 3 6:20pm
that you're an idjit and someone who loves to start arguments... Too bad you cannot see yourself as everyone else sees you... Oh well... You wouldn't like it if you did, so maybe it's just as well...
Still at it.... Sprout, Wed Jun 4 9:41am
You complain and bitch endlessly about how you hate interactions with me... just consistantly keep running back for more... Your actions do not reflect your words. Deal with it.

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