It is meant to record true abusive behavior on the boards
Sun Oct 12, 2014 6:40pm

Board moderators can add posts to it and then can also
continue and delete the offending posts, but that deletion
is optional. But, once on the abuse data base, board
moderators cannot delete any files. Only the technicians
at SERVER.COM can remove files from the abuse data base.

Unfortunately, some moderators use the abuse data base as a
mechanism to cross-reference "handles" to IP addresses. In
this way they can track users who change "handles" for some
perfectly valid (privacy) reason.

In this particular instance, however, there seems to be some
sort of effort to keep a history diary of a particular

For the benefit of posters who need privacy, it would be
better if the board moderator kept some sort of historical
diary in a personal file so that what is happening here is
not exposed for the world to see. Unfortunately, this extra
effort is a lot of work.

Here is the link to the abuse data base:

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