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KlavarWriter has a new midi function
Tue Sep 22, 2009 17:47

You can now use a new function on the latest version of KlavarWriter;down load it free from the website.Then go to a website that offers free midi piano files.By clicking on IMPORT on the file menu of KlavarWriter you can turn midi files into klavar music (.mus) files. Many websites offer free midi downloads (Mutopia for example). If you find that some of the stems are pointing the wrong way producing unacceptable intervals you can change them with a special function tool ( the wheel on the mouse). I can send you a video to show you how this special tool works. Remember not all midi files are suitable for pianos; choose those which are of piano solos not ensemble otherwise you get all the instruments at the same time! I'd like everybody's help in compiling a list of websites that offer suitable midi files please! Please send me the URLs by email. Thanks.
Thanks to Dr Johnny Siu for another brilliant invention!

Peter 22 Sept'09

    • VideoTony Gregory, Fri May 22 16:12
      Please send video
    • MIDI site for importing tunes fromDirector KMF, Wed Oct 14 12:52
      This site has hundreds of lovely Irish melodies in midi format you can instantly turn into Klavar music then add your own... more
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