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Breakthrough on Scales
Thu May 20, 2010 23:09

Faced with the challenge of teaching an 8 year old the scales for Grade 4 I hit on the idea of combining Klavar with Solfa cartoon characters written in large dots on cards that fit behind the fall board and of course on the music stand. This is a very effective visual aid for memorizing the scales. If anyone would like a set I will send copies to you on receipt of your postal address and a UK cheque for 6 pounds (Made payable to Klavar Music Foundation of GB). Postage is included.

The scales for Grade 4 are Major: B,Bb,Eb,Ab,Db
Minor: Harmonic and Melodic: C#,G#,C and F minor
Contrary motion:F and Eb Major; and D and C harmonic minor

Contact me by email to learn my postal address and payment details please

Peter Jackson

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