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Joh K. Drinda
JANKO with Klavarskribo
Sat Sep 10, 2011 03:02

I enjoy playing my Tyros3 on a hobby level, yet find the conventional zebra piano Kbd layout and the traditional notation outdated, needlessly complicated and discouraging. I reckon, it only serves music teachers to prolong the teaching process... :(

That's why I had to come up with some self-help ideas: :)
1) Adapting the Kbd layout to JANKO. (Here's my project: )

2) Changing notation to wysiwyg (Klavarskribo type) notation. (That would be an interesting project for a programmer; i.e. to create something innovative!) Since I'm not into programming, I could use the freeware Klavarskribo program with a template to adapt it to the JANKO Kbd layout, like this:
Maybe you know or have friends, who could help me there. I'm already aged 70 and so, now rely on "younger brains"... :)

Warm Regards, from Johannes K. Drinda in Santiago de Chile

Besides, I'm a whistler musician. Audition me here:

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