Kim Sargerson
Re: Gabolde on Smenkhkare
Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:49

Hi Joe

Thanks for your comments.

"But as yet there is no evidence of pharaonic shabti figures for Nefertiti."
Are there any for Neferneferuaten (discounting any re-used goods) - irrespective of who she was?

"So why would Nefertiti change her name to what was once only her epithet? Wasn't the name she had used for 16 years as chief royal queen good enough?"
Well, the obvious answer is that it does not contain an "-aten" or a "-Re", so it is not "good enough".

"I have always followed Harris's X-ray analysis of 35-40"
Which x-ray analysis is this? The 1963 analysis says "20", and I don't offhand recall the 1970's ("X-raying the Pharaohs") book saying anything different. As far as I can tell, the criteria used for this mummy (dentition and epiphyseal closure) are the same criteria used to age TutankhAmun to "18". If one is so wildly wrong then so must the other be, or they aren't valid criteria at all.

"Meritaten could have been 15 when she became her father's queen (or even younger in these days)."
Her age at marriage does not really signify - she could have been six, for all we know. The point I am trying to make is that there are a vast number of "scenarios" propounded by many senior scholars concerning the "youth" of TutankhAmun at accession and the helplessness of AnkhesenAmun the widow in the face of powerful courtiers like Aya and Haremhab. Why isn't Neferneferuaten immediately "dumped" by such courtiers in favour of the male heir Tutankhuaten, and if she is only about 15 (at most) what makes anyone think she would have any say in the matter?

"Just as Hatshepsut claim to power was as the chief wife of Tuthmosis 2 (not as daughter of Tuthmosis 1) so too was Neferneferuaten's (Meritaten) claim to power based on her being the chief wife of Akhenaten (not as daughter of Akhenaten)."
But the published apocryphal "coronation" and "birth" scenes stress her connection to Thutmose I, not II. I was only asking if this was a certain reading of the translation. If Neferneferuaten ain't Meryetaten, but Nefertiti, as many have suggested, then of course she whould stress her wifely position.



  • Re: Grimm and Schoske on SmenkhkareJoe Baker, Wed Jun 30 07:18
    Hi Kim As for shabti figures, we have no idea if these would have been prepared in advance at this date ... With regard to the "disappearance" of individuals, this seems to be a result of the lack of ... more
    • Re: Gabolde on Smenkhkare — Kim Sargerson, Wed Jun 30 11:49
      • Re: Gabolde on SmenkhkareJoe Baker, Fri Jul 2 06:31
        Hi Kim In their book Edward Wente and James Harris used X-ray technique to derive an age estimate of near 35. Wente repeated this in an article in 1995, see... more
        • Re: Gabolde on SmenkhkareKim, Fri Jul 2 12:04
          Hi Joe Thanks for the references. I had read Wente's article, but not the Hussein / Harris report. Not being an anatomist, I would really like to pull all of these people out of time from Elliott... more
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