Kim Sargerson
re: Gabolde?
Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:15

Hi Jan

Thanks for the correction on authorship.

You wrote "As to MeryAten being too young to be wily enough to confound officials, one must not place modern thoughts of 'children' on the throne with the reality that the ancients were married and parents at a very early age"
Age at parenthood (and I have no reason to suspect the Egyptians were in advance of the rest of the ancient world) has no bearing on "wiliness", which is a function of experience, as much as anything. There are plenty of examples of youthful (and not so youthful) rulers being entirely bewildered by the entrenched opposition to their new ideas among the existing elite, even when their accession had been assured by their predecessor.

You wrote "I still have a problem accepting that TutankhAten was his son and heir. If so, why did he not succeed Akhenaten?"
Can we be sure he did not? Neferneferuaten's position might be a closer analogy to that of Hatshepsut than currently proposed.



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    Hi Joe and Kim My little grey cells were not functioning very well when I sent the 10 page extraction to you Joe. The section about SmenkhaRe is taken from the chapter Das Ende Der Amarnazeit and was ... more
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