Jan Bailey
Hermopolis block
Thu Jul 1, 2010 02:43

Kim said:
"The Hermopolis block showing a prince among the children of Nefertiti does not identify him by name AFAIK and it has been construed as being TutankhAmun only by default. "

Can you please give references as to where this block is
published and if possible, a web site to view photo of it.

  • Re: Grimm and Schoske on SmenkhkareKim, Tue Jun 29 12:12
    Hi Joe Thanks for posting this. It does indeed read as though Gabolde wrote it. Is he not credited, even in a footnote? The authors present the idea of Smenkhkare = Zannanza as though they had just... more
    • Hermopolis block — Jan Bailey, Thu Jul 1 02:43
      • re: Hermopolis BlockKim Sargerson, Fri Jul 2 18:56
        Hi Jan It is my understanding that these blocks are published in "G. Roeder, Amarna-Reliefs aus Hermopolis: Ausgrabungen der Deutschen Hermopolis-Expedition in Hermopolis 19291939", ed. R. Hanke,... more
        • Hermopolis block showing male childJan Bailey, Fri Jul 9 19:48
          Hi Kim I have had two independent people look at your reference: "G. Roeder, Amarna-Reliefs aus Hermopolis: Ausgrabungen der Deutschen Hermopolis-Expedition in Hermopolis 1929-1939", ed. R.... more
          • Joe some assistance pleaseKim Sargerson, Wed Jul 21 12:53
            Hi Joe Jan Bailey has questioned the source of the reference to a Hermopolis block showing a male child. I have checked my own notes and I do not find any reference to an article - I first read about ... more
            • Re: Joe some assistance pleaseJoe Baker, Thu Jul 22 07:39
              Hi Kim Apology for writing 43-VIIIC it is actually 433/VIII C. I have this information from an old post of the French Egyptologists Marc Gabolde which he sent to the original but now defunct Amarna... more
              • block 433/VIIICJan Bailey, Tue Jul 27 02:23
                Hi I now have an image of block 433/VIIIC, as well as the other images from Heliopolis. (I can send off line to you Joe) Sorry, but it would take a whole lot of imagination to make the squiggles into ... more
                • Re: block 433/VIIICJoe Baker, Thu Jul 29 07:04
                  Hi Jan Thanks for the picture. Well I for one can not make much out of it. Presumably those who have done extensive work on the style of royal depictions in the Amarna pictures can make more sense... more
                • block 433/VIIICJan Bailey, Wed Jul 28 03:26
                  whoops, of course I mean Hermopolis!
              • re: Joe some assistance pleaseKim Sargerson, Thu Jul 22 12:11
                Hi Joe Many thanks for the correct plate reference. I also thank you for re-posting Gabolde's thoughts on this, which (to me) make perfect sense. Although it is not explicit any where that Baketaten... more
    • Re: Grimm and Schoske on SmenkhkareJoe Baker, Wed Jun 30 07:18
      Hi Kim As for shabti figures, we have no idea if these would have been prepared in advance at this date ... With regard to the "disappearance" of individuals, this seems to be a result of the lack of ... more
      • Re: Gabolde on SmenkhkareKim Sargerson, Wed Jun 30 11:49
        Hi Joe Thanks for your comments. "But as yet there is no evidence of pharaonic shabti figures for Nefertiti." Are there any for Neferneferuaten (discounting any re-used goods) - irrespective of who... more
        • Re: Gabolde on SmenkhkareJoe Baker, Fri Jul 2 06:31
          Hi Kim In their book Edward Wente and James Harris used X-ray technique to derive an age estimate of near 35. Wente repeated this in an article in 1995, see... more
          • Re: Gabolde on SmenkhkareKim, Fri Jul 2 12:04
            Hi Joe Thanks for the references. I had read Wente's article, but not the Hussein / Harris report. Not being an anatomist, I would really like to pull all of these people out of time from Elliott... more
    • Gabolde?Jan Bailey, Wed Jun 30 01:12
      Hi Joe and Kim My little grey cells were not functioning very well when I sent the 10 page extraction to you Joe. The section about SmenkhaRe is taken from the chapter Das Ende Der Amarnazeit and was ... more
      • re: Gabolde?Kim Sargerson, Wed Jun 30 12:15
        Hi Jan Thanks for the correction on authorship. You wrote "As to MeryAten being too young to be wily enough to confound officials, one must not place modern thoughts of 'children' on the throne with... more
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