Joe Baker
Re: Gabolde on Smenkhkare
Fri Jul 2, 2010 06:31

Hi Kim

In their book Edward Wente and James Harris used X-ray technique to derive an age estimate of near 35. Wente repeated this in an article in 1995, see

In 1988, Fawzia Hussein and James E. Harris reported on their joint examination to the International Congress of Egyptologists in Cairo that the body was indeed "that of a male, who was closely related to Tutankhamun; the dentition is that of an individual in his mid-thirties, whilst the anatomical evidence suggests an age in excess of 35 years". They published their findings in the International Journal of Osteoarchaeology, see the first page here

I know Harris still held to this view for I saw him on the 2005 History Channel's Josh Bernstein's program "Nefertiti: The Mummy Returns". Here he again re-iterated that the X-rays show a man over 35 and more nearer 40.

You can find out more by doing some web surfing, on the above names and you can even download the TV program.

Regards Joe

  • Re: Gabolde on SmenkhkareKim Sargerson, Wed Jun 30 11:49
    Hi Joe Thanks for your comments. "But as yet there is no evidence of pharaonic shabti figures for Nefertiti." Are there any for Neferneferuaten (discounting any re-used goods) - irrespective of who... more
    • Re: Gabolde on Smenkhkare — Joe Baker, Fri Jul 2 06:31
      • Re: Gabolde on SmenkhkareKim, Fri Jul 2 12:04
        Hi Joe Thanks for the references. I had read Wente's article, but not the Hussein / Harris report. Not being an anatomist, I would really like to pull all of these people out of time from Elliott... more
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