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Fri Jul 2, 2010 12:04

Hi Joe

Thanks for the references. I had read Wente's article, but not the Hussein / Harris report.

Not being an anatomist, I would really like to pull all of these people out of time from Elliott Smith through to Filer, put them in the same room with the KV55 mummy, and tell them they could not come out until they agreed. The number of contradictory authoritative statements about the same evidence is frustrating. I can only go with the standard, namely that anatomically the KV55 mummy shows all the signs of being early/mid-twenties (in terms of dentition, epiphyseal closure and skull suture). There may be a case for a greater age, but once you get to "35+" then the dentition evidence is definitely against you, and estimating an age reliably becomes increasingly difficult. As far as I can see, the main case for a greater age is a chronological one (not an anatomical) based on the assumption that this is indeed Akhenaten and that Meryetaten is born by his year 3 at latest. As Harris identifies this individual as "Smenkhkare", and I have not yet read his and Dr. Husein's article, I don't know what other grounds he has, but clearly there must be some. I have read (and seen a programme on) Dr. Filer's even more recent (2003?) assessment of the same skeleton and she reverts to a standard 20-25 years of age assessment without referring to any such grounds.

On the matter of shabti figures, Reeves (Pharaohs of the Sun, 1999, p82) says that Nefertiti contributed shabtis (or "shabti-like figures") to the funeral equipment of Akhenaten at Amarna. I don't know how accurate this assessment is, but whether Nefertiti died or changed her name/rank before the death of Akhenaten, clearly these figures were made before Akhenaten's death. Thus a shabti of Nefertiti could also be made pre-mortem. This does not exclude the possibility of Nefertiti dying before Akhenaten, but does appear to exclude the shabti of Nefertiti as being proof of this.



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    Hi Kim In their book Edward Wente and James Harris used X-ray technique to derive an age estimate of near 35. Wente repeated this in an article in 1995, see... more
    • Re: Gabolde on Smenkhkare — Kim, Fri Jul 2 12:04
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