Jan Bailey
block 433/VIIIC
Tue Jul 27, 2010 02:23


I now have an image of block 433/VIIIC, as well as the other images from Heliopolis.
(I can send off line to you Joe)

Sorry, but it would take a whole lot of imagination to make the squiggles into a male child sitting on the Pharaoh's lap with other children present!!

Has Roeder made a huge error and Gabolde just repeated this?.

As to scenes of Kiya not included with the children of Nefertiti, a scholar recently researching Kiya sends me this:
Cyril Aldred in "Akhenaten King of Egypt" page 288
states that Kiya is shown in scenes from her chapels in the Great Temple of the Aten with Meritaten and Ankhesenpaaten wearing garments and coiffures of a mature style in place of their more infantile fashion of dress. Thus late in the reign.

The Princesses prostrate themselves, immediately behind Akhenaten who officiates at an alter, with Meritaten in advance of Kiya, followed by her daughter.

  • Re: Joe some assistance pleaseJoe Baker, Thu Jul 22 07:39
    Hi Kim Apology for writing 43-VIIIC it is actually 433/VIII C. I have this information from an old post of the French Egyptologists Marc Gabolde which he sent to the original but now defunct Amarna... more
    • block 433/VIIIC — Jan Bailey, Tue Jul 27 02:23
      • Re: block 433/VIIICJoe Baker, Thu Jul 29 07:04
        Hi Jan Thanks for the picture. Well I for one can not make much out of it. Presumably those who have done extensive work on the style of royal depictions in the Amarna pictures can make more sense... more
      • block 433/VIIICJan Bailey, Wed Jul 28 03:26
        whoops, of course I mean Hermopolis!
    • re: Joe some assistance pleaseKim Sargerson, Thu Jul 22 12:11
      Hi Joe Many thanks for the correct plate reference. I also thank you for re-posting Gabolde's thoughts on this, which (to me) make perfect sense. Although it is not explicit any where that Baketaten... more
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