Joe Baker
Re: block 433/VIIIC
Thu Jul 29, 2010 07:04

Hi Jan

Thanks for the picture. Well I for one can not make much out of it. Presumably those who have done extensive work on the style of royal depictions in the Amarna pictures can make more sense out of it.

I do not know if Gabolde has discussed the scene talked about in Aldred's work. Certainly, if Aldred discussed it, I assume Gabolde knows of the scene. Maybe he interprets it in another way. If this is a late scene, then could it be after the disappearance of Kiya when several of her depictions were usurped by Meritaten and Ankhesenpaaten (only here not so successful)?

Regards Joe

  • block 433/VIIICJan Bailey, Tue Jul 27 02:23
    Hi I now have an image of block 433/VIIIC, as well as the other images from Heliopolis. (I can send off line to you Joe) Sorry, but it would take a whole lot of imagination to make the squiggles into ... more
    • Re: block 433/VIIIC — Joe Baker, Thu Jul 29 07:04
    • block 433/VIIICJan Bailey, Wed Jul 28 03:26
      whoops, of course I mean Hermopolis!
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