Joe Baker
Papyrus Leipzig Inv. 590
Sat Aug 27, 2011 22:23

Hi All

On reading the abstracts from the latest issue of Journal of Egyptian History 4 (2011) at
I noticed a paper by Lutz Popko which mentioned an ancient Greek papyrus, P.Lips. Inv. 590, that preserves part of a “world history”. This is the first time I have heard of this papyrus, which was published in 2010. I have found an article which contains a transliteration and German translation, here

The preserved Egyptian sections seems to contain king lists covering the period of dynasties 21-25. Except for dynasty 21 and part of dynasty 25 the rest seems to be a confused mess, more reminiscent of the Eratosthenes and (parts of) the Sothis list as preserved by Synkellos than those found in Manetho. Presumably the Popko article finds some other identifications. Any comments?

Regards Joe

    • Papyrus Leipzig Inv. 590Kim Sargerson, Sun Aug 28 20:48
      Hi Joe Thanks for the link. I have read this article, and it is hard to make anything of the fragment. There seem to be two separate lists of the kings of the period, one from column III line 29 to... more
      • RE: Papyrus Leipzig Inv. 590Joe Baker, Mon Sep 5 06:07
        Hi Kim This is the best I can do, if I ignore all the reign lengths and the “his son” lineage of the person I identify as Takelot 1. I use a combination of Manetho, Herodotos and modern... more
        • Re: Papyrus Leipzig Inv. 590Kim Sargerson, Mon Sep 5 12:40
          Hi Joe, Thanks for your reconstruction. I actually view it as 2 different lists of the same period, one being much truncated. Thus we have: Col III 1. Smende[s] [xx] 2. Mompsanes 51 3. [Amo]s[es] [x] ... more
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