Marianne Luban
Re: Nib is Pip
Wed Dec 21, 2011 16:17


"You guys are crazy"

If I were a man who thought everything in ancient
Egypt had to be regulated by the moon, including
when people began their reigns--I wouldn't cast

The point is--if you say a labial fast enough,
it can turn into another one. That's why they're
interchangeable in linguistics. Duh!

  • Re: Re: Nib is PipIan Onvlee, Wed Dec 21 08:01
    Hi guys, I actually tried Marianne's suggestion of "start saying "Nib" over and over again as fast as you can." Several times. I never got "Pip". I never did either. But give /m/ or "Im" a go. I find ... more
    • Re: Nib is Pip — Marianne Luban, Wed Dec 21 16:17
      • Re: Nib is PipIan Onvlee, Sun Dec 25 14:08
        Hi Marianne, Yes, for the ancient Egyptians and even Greeks and Jews, following lunations was of the utmost daily and monthly and yearly religious importance for a correct spiritual connection with... more
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