Ian Onvlee
Re: Nib is Pip
Sun Dec 25, 2011 14:08

Hi Marianne,

Yes, for the ancient Egyptians and even Greeks and Jews, following lunations was of the utmost daily and monthly and yearly religious importance for a correct spiritual connection with God and the Gods! It indeed ruled and regulated their lives and certainly their reigns, since it was the duty of the Priest-Kings of old to converse correctly with God and the Gods in which they wholeheartedly believed. No question about it.

But what I meant to say by "crazy" is that you two are getting more and more ridiculous with this ongoing dispute about how a wordplay can make you make a slip of the tongue. And what does it prove? That you both are running around in endless circles. Can't you see that Tory is deliberately leading you on, because you seem to let him. But perhaps you like it that way. In that case you two are a perfect couple and I've said nothing.


  • Re: Nib is PipMarianne Luban, Wed Dec 21 16:17
    Ian: "You guys are crazy" If I were a man who thought everything in ancient Egypt had to be regulated by the moon, including when people began their reigns--I wouldn't cast stones. The point is--if... more
    • Re: Nib is Pip — Ian Onvlee, Sun Dec 25 14:08
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