Marianne Luban
re: Nephers˘phris Akhenaten
Thu May 31, 2012 18:18

I have read the brief paper but am skeptical about the prenomen of Akhenaten being represented here:

Headword: Εὐγράμματονὄνομα
Adler number: epsilon,3399
Translated headword: well-written name
Vetting Status: low
[A name] of good omen. But "not well-written" [means] of ill omen;[1] like the [phrase?] Nefersofris, a king of Egypt.[2]
Greek Original:
Εὐγράμματον ὄνομα: τὸ εὔφημον. οὐκ εὐγράμματον δὲ τὸ δύσφημον: ὡς τὸ Νεφέρσωφρις Αἰγύπτου βασιλεύς.

for the same objections I have already supplied, added to that I don't know how the name "Neferkheperure" would have been recalled in the Suda when neither Manetho nor Ptolemy of Mendes knew of it. The fact that the name is also written "Tonefersophris" may indicate a feminine article, the Egyptian "tA". It cannot be just "nfr" [or there would have been no "Naftera" in foreign writing for Nefertari, queen of Ramesses II--and the fact that "sophris" ends as it does indicates to me another feminine ending such as in "xprt" as in "Nitocris" for "Nit-ixrt". What does it all mean? What does that other Greek rendering "the era of Menophris" mean? What does "ill-omen" and "not well-written" have to do with the so-called king "Nefersophris"?

  • re: Nephers˘phris AkhenatenMarianne Luban, Thu May 31 17:09
    Dear Marc, I'll try to access the paper again, but first I'll respond to some of your philological concerns. You wrote: ôConcerning the identity of Nephers˘phris, it seems that Akhenaten fits better... more
    • Nephers˘phris AkhenatenAnonymous, Fri Jun 1 06:02
      Dear Marianne, MG original ôConcerning the identity of Nephers˘phris, it seems that Akhenaten fits better with the text of Suidas due to the ill reputation of that king. The other possible king would ... more
      • re: Nephers˘phris AkhenatenMarianne Luban, Fri Jun 1 20:23
        MG Original ôThe fact that /p/ disappears in xpr.w from the name of Akhenaten in the Amarna Letters is not as embarassing as you suggest. This is probably the result of the /p/ or /b/ of the first... more
    • re: Nephers˘phris Akhenaten — Marianne Luban, Thu May 31 18:18
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