Tory Thorpe
Re: Niphururiia
Fri Jun 1, 2012 16:39

Dear Marc

Well it cannot be both NIB and NIP in EA 9, so I would very much like to know who is telling the truth. I would know who if I had access to the cuneiform text. Maybe someone does and can share with us.

Kind regards,

  • NiphururiiaMarc Gabolde, Fri Jun 1 11:44
    Dear Tory, Only few books available on my desk, however, concerning EA 9,1 : Moran gives NiBḫurrereya, but Knudtzon I, p. 88, gives ni-ip-ḫu-ur-ri-ri-ia, R.S. Hess, Amarna Personal Names, ... more
    • Re: Niphururiia — Tory Thorpe, Fri Jun 1 16:39
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