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Re: re: 500 gold sheets found
Tue Aug 30, 2016 04:06

Hi Rich

You quoted from a website

In it were 500 scrunched-up gold sheets, the remains of a skull — and an old note scribbled in French with the date the tomb was found.
... The note simply states the gold sheets were recovered from inside the sarcophagus within KV55."

Just another example of websites misreporting the facts (not to say it might eventually be proven correct). A week earlier another website carried extracts of a talk with Elham Salah, head of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities Museums Department.

The note, she says, is dated to when KV55 was first found and states that the 500 accompanying sheets were discovered with a sarcophagus, though it does not mention which sarcophagus.
According to Elham, the first phase of the study, which started last year, indicated that the gold sheets may belong to the sarcophagus found in KV55.

So the note does not mention KV 55 but only has a date around the time of its discovery. Nor did the note say the contents of the box were recovered from KV 55 - it only says they were recovered from a sarcophagus. And Elham herself is not sure if the contents came from KV 55 - only that it MAY have come from that tomb. Anyway, if the foil is from the coffin of KV 55 then it would only supplement the evidence found by Grimm and Schoske who examined in detail those parts of the coffin’s foil that had found their way (stolen/acquired) to the Munich State Museum of Egyptian Art (before they returned back to Egypt). That is the coffin was made for Akhenaten. Other foil from KV 55 (those already housed in the Cairo Museum - prior to the return of the Berlin pieces - and those at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art) do not contain inscriptions or insufficient traces of inscriptions to determine the occupier of the coffin.

Regards Joe

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    • Re: re: 500 gold sheets found — Joe Baker, Tue Aug 30 04:06
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