Kim Sargerson
Re: Correction
Thu Sep 1, 2016 16:07

Hi Tory

"The Gurob Papyri with three consecutive transactions dated year 27 Amenotep III, and years 2 and 3 Amenhotep IV, with all three of these records found in the same conical pottery jar in Kahun, and all three naming the same people, is just an anomaly and not proof these three transactions belong to three consecutive years?"
No, unfortunately it is not. You are not looking at the right papyri, but at two others.

"On the relationship of these two documents, aside from the fact that they come from the same jar, Griffith remarks that "the engagement recorded in II. 2 followed directly upon the engagement in II. 1" (p. 94)"
Griffith is talking about the two papyri (yes, from the same jar, with a third which was unreadable) dated to year 33, I Akhet 5, and Year 33, I Akhet 10(or 20)+X respectively. These are evidently consecutive as they are in the same month of the same year of Amunhotep III. Mesuti was a man who kept his receipts, and was happy to go to court if there was any subsequent disagreement. So the "Mesuti archive" spans at least 6 years (27-33 Amunhotep III) and there is no obvious reason why the scribe or scribes recording these would switch administratively from A.III to A.IV and then back again. Berlin P.9784 has year 27 of A.III at the start and year 3 of A.IV at the end, but this seems to be a summary document listing two transactions and a court case, and although it is clear that year 3 is later than year 27 (nobody AFAIK disputes that at least) it is not clear by how much. I cannot lay my hands on Aldred's Akhenaten, which deals with this.

The logical order would seem to be:
27, 33 (x2) Amunhotep III, with a gap of 6 years;
2, 3, 4 Amunhotep IV (with potentially a similar gap between the groups by king).

Although the papyri do not rule out a coregency or overlap, I think they must rule out one as long as 10-11 years. The maximum overlap would be 34-38 A.III = 1-5 A.IV, and this also accords with the several tombs showing both kings with those names, that of Kheruef referring to the 3rd heb-sed (year 37 extant) and still using the early form of the name of Amunhotep IV. I think the highest date attesting to Amunhotep IV is year 5, III Peret 19, a letter in the same publication by Griffith (pp 91-92).



  • Re: CorrectionTory, Mon Aug 29 20:03
    Hi all, Every time Joe opens his mouth he makes the case for the overlap of Amenhotep III and Amenhotep IV that much stronger. 1. An overlap is two or more kings (related or not related) ruling from... more
    • Re: Correction — Kim Sargerson, Thu Sep 1 16:07
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      Hi Tory I did say it was the closest Aldred came. For a while (about 2 years) it convinced me. But then came Murnane's article... Kim
      • Re: CorrectionTory, Tue Aug 30 00:10
        Murnane's article does not take a position with respect to the papyri in question. It also doesn't discuss the contents of the papyri in any satisfactory way that can be described scholarly rigor.... more
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