Re: Correction (Amenhotep III Amenhotep IV co-regency)
Fri Sep 2, 2016 03:37

You did misrepresent the data provided by Hayes on the Malqatta inscriptions by not stating his position clearly before you changed it. The data establishes a period of overlapping of reigns, as he demonstrated. For example, in any other period the gap of a decade between the jar in Amarna dated year 31 (of Amenhotep III) and the first jars in Amarna dated year 4 (of Amenhotep IV) would be considered a statistically improbable distribution by you. But here you officially lose your mind and insert a gap of 10+ years between this material. The jars at Malqatta dated year 8 cannot possibly belong to Amenhotep III or there is an even greater gap from this time to the very first jars dated year 24. The jars dated year 1 at Malqatta are obviously year 1 of Amenhotep IV before the junior co-regent left Thebes and started his own independent reign at Amarna.

It's ridiculous for you to demand that Amarna officials send gifts to Malqatta during the jubilees of Amenhotep III when they are too busy celebrating the same jubilees simultaneously for their superior, Akhenaten, at Amarna. As for foreign kings, obviously they wouldn't care much about Akhenaten and his own isolated world at Amarna until the supreme king of Egypt is dead. Thus EA 27 dates to the year Amenhotep III died in his year 38 which was during year 12 of Akhenaten. Father and son had not been co-regents since year 29 = year 3.


  • Hi Tory I did not misrepresent the data provided by the Hayes paper on the Malqatta inscriptions. The data is good, I just disagree with the way Hayes arranged it. My post only concerns the data not... more
    • Re: Correction (Amenhotep III Amenhotep IV co-regency) — Tory, Fri Sep 2 03:37
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