Marianne Luban
Fri Sep 2, 2016 10:47

"Phantom children only ever depicted/mentioned in illustrations/texts from the Kiya dedicated Meru-Aten. Her original inscriptions were later reinscribed to represent the older surviving daughter’s of Akhenaten. Since neither Meritaten or Ankhesepaaten had a child the original accompanying child was named after the newly labelled women. They do not exist or are even mentioned outside these reinscribed scenes."

I wrote:
"Not quite. One of the depictions of Kiya was altered for Meritaten senior. Because Meritaten had reached puberty by then, she was allowed to keep the wig of an adult Kiya. The only change was to make the wig higher in order to accommodate the elongated head of an Amarna princess. Another portrait of Kiya, on an Hermopolis block, was changed to become Ankhesenpaaten-Tasherit. There Kiya's image was altered to that of a princess whose hairstyle indicates she had not yet reached puberty--which is to say a shaved skull with the exception of a single decorated lock of hair. Why go to this trouble for a phantom child?"

Well...that this was Ankhesenpaaten-Tasherit can merely have been some scholar's interpretation. Perhaps it was really Abkhesenpaaten the elder, who had not yet reached puberty, herself. I am looking at a scene right now from the tomb of Huya, majordomo of Queen Tiye. The princesses are lined up before Akhenaten and Nefertiti in the order of their seniority. None of the girls have yet reached puberty, as can be seen from their hair [or lack of it], but Meritaten and Meketaten are nearly the same height. But the third child, Anhesenpaaten, only comes up to a little past the shoulder of the second sister. I recall the same from another scene, where the two elder daughters are holding hands and are quite a bit taller than the third.

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    Hello Joe, Jaime "Meryre II's tomb has the last appearance of the royal Amarna family dated to Year 12 and these representations are followed by Smenkhkare's debut with Meritaten by his side." "I too ... more
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